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July 2016 - Current Events

I recently watched a disturbing video of a kindergarten graduation ceremony in the Gaza Strip. In this video, the children were dressed as fighters and were shooting and blowing up Israeli soldiers and targets. At the end of the ceremony, a gentleman, presumably the school principle or equivalent spoke about how peaceful they were and how much peace these preceding represented.

I shared the video during our Wednesday night bible study. We are currently discussing the Sermon on the Mount and were appropriately in Matthew 5:33-48, discussing loving our neighbor. I am not a Koranic expert but I do study it and try to learn from well versed theologians on the subject, some of my favorite online ones being David Wood and Acts 17 apologetics, as well as, I also have several books on the subject.

What is obvious is that we are living in a time when the aggressiveness of hatred is allowed to brew and develop for generations. It is similar to the training of the Hitler Youth, which would turn on anyone, even their own parents. This kind of hatred being instilled in small children will only lead to a large majority of them being violent at a young age. This with the current "boy bubble" in many cultures is a recipe for disaster.


Here is the video link: UPDATE: YouTube has removed the original link - But I'm sure it will be reposted (for a short period of time) - Search for "Terror Show at Gaza Strip Kindergarten Graduation".

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