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What is Truth anyway?

Truth sometimes seems difficult to understand. That in itself is difficult to understand, as truth should be the most natural thing to identify. Pilot asked Jesus "what is truth" in John 18, a question he was asking to "Truth" as God has no lie in him. It is fascinating to know that we can trust all of God's promises as He is the author of Truth, and when God promises we know that we can rely on it.

In today's study we will look at what makes a Creationist. I often hear arguments that I am not a rational thinker for believing in Creation, haven't I studied science? Don't I know that without science I would not have a computer or even an internet to post these blogs (much less a camera to make the videos)? Science is just studying God's hand after Him, we are learning from our Creator how He has made this glorious universe function.

The interesting fact is that most people I speak with are actually Creationists, at least to some degree no matter how marginal. When I ask people if they believe that all that we see in nature was just random, and that it was undesigned with not directional guidance or "hand" behind it. And I ask was it "random, non purposeful, and unguided", they invariably say, "no"! I then exclaim to them "you Creationist, don't you believe in science?" The truth is that most people don't really understand what they believe about origins, and the sad truth is that this is the basis for their worldview and they don't even understand it.

As we look at the study of Origins, please keep in mind that what you believe about where you came from matters. It matters not only on this earth, but will affect your decision about where you will spend your eternity.


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